Mercy of Allah (Subhanau wa Ta’ala)

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The girls’ wing organized a speaker session where the Islamiat instructor of Convent of Jesus and Mary – Ms.Afreen Rangoonwala, was invited to speak. The event was organized on 1st November, 2010.

The highlight of this topic was to make students realize how Merciful Allah really is, that Allah’s mercy is not out of reach or rare, but our very existence is a proof of His mercy, and His innumerable blessings we are ungrateful for.

Ms. Afreen started with a small demonstration to show that Allah’s mercy is present. She brought a small chick and asked someone to cut the chick so she could make chicken soup out of it. When  nobody volunteered, Ms. Afreen explained that it is because Allah SWT has blessed us with feeling of mercy. It stems from the same feeling that Allah feels for us.

She said that even an ‘intention’ to do good is rewarded, and when we complete the task, we are rewarded ten to seven hundred times. The discussion also was an open forum to the concept of Hell and Heaven. The fact that from Allah’s 99 names that show His attributes – Merciful comes before His being someone who punishes.




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