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Dr. Imrana (Lecturer at Dow Medical College and Al-Huda) initially gave a choice of topics, but the discussion took course of an open forum session. Dr. Imrana said that the word used in the Quran is ‘lahwal hadith’, in regards to music which means unnecessary discussions and vain talk. So, how is music where words that incite time wastage are used, can be permissible. In regards to Sufi music, Dr. Imrana said that we should always look our answer by asking ‘Did Prophet Muhammed (Sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) do this?’

The conversation went on to the recent numerical Dhikr, where a soul is burdened by someone asking you to recite 1 lac times something – in Islam, Dr. Imrana said it is the quality of Dhikr, and not the quantity that matters. Taqwa is what matters.

Moving on to the topic of hijab, Dr. Imrana said that in Surah 33, Verse 33 (Surah Ahzaab) women are advised to stay in their homes and not display their beauty; Surah 24, Verse 31, the differentiation between mahram and non mahram is stated. In a group of girls who are wearing hijab, it is very clear that they are all Muslims.

As for relationship, there is no concept of engagement in Islam – just Nikah. Parents nowadays have great misconception that children should not be married off unless they have completed their graduation – it is losing trust on Allah. Following a specific sect may lead to deviancy so we should follow the Quran and Sunnah – it’s essential, because Prophet’s Ikhlaaq was Quran according to Ayesha (RadiAllahuAnha).


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