Visit To Sirat – Un – Jannah

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Sirat Un Jannah

A little time for those deprived of parents' love

It was an all-girls event organized by the IAS Girls’ Wing on 14 March 2011.‎
The girls left for Sirat un Jannah at 02:45 pm in three cars, arriving at the place around 03:00 PM ‎as promised. The place was built on an area of 2000 m and the house resembled the White House ‎and it was very welcoming, or rather, the residents of the house were welcoming. The older girls ‎greeted the guests, later Ms. Qureshi, along with the house cat warmly welcomed the girls as ‎well. Girls divided themselves into two groups and while half tied the goody bags with ribbons, ‎the rest, mostly Ayesha and Nageen went to entertain the kids, who had by then formed a circle ‎and waited eagerly for the event to start! The rest of the group who tied the ribbons joined the ‎function as soon as they were done. The kids were to pass the ball to each other while the guests ‎clapped, as soon as the girls stopped clapping, the one who had the ball had to perform. The ‎performance included beautiful recitations by children as young as 7 years, to recitation of ‎nasheeds, to imitation of their teachers, to songs and dance by few. Their contagious laughter ‎and joy was overwhelming, and reflected the love they received at Sirat un Jannah; but, when a ‎group of girls sang a chorus dedicated to their mother – it brought tears to the eyes. It reflected ‎the fact that despite the loss of the greatest blessing of their lives, they lived with happiness and ‎contentment day in and day. ‎

Soon after the children’s activity was over, the older girls who were 15-18 years old were ‎brought center stage to perform and each performance was rewarded by goody bags. Nageen ‎then announced that the children are free to choose any girl they wanted and they could spend ‎time with them, the offer was greeted much excitedly and each girl landed up with ten kids ‎beside her, they all went outside to play kho-kho, merry go round, kings’, swinging on monkey ‎bars, plain talking, and much more. An hour and a half passed by unnoticed and it was time for ‎Asr. The jamaat was led by a little kid who seemed to be a Hafiz e Quran and then it followed by ‎a tour of the house by the ultra-eager kids who showed everyone the room for boys, the girls, the ‎kitchen, the medicine cabinet, the TV room, and Ms. Qureshi’s room. Despite their well-equipped ‎room with cupboard, mattress and a semi working air-conditioner, the younger kids seemed to In ‎all the play, talk, and promises to children for a second visit, it was 06:00 PM – the time to leave. ‎
The trip was well documented… on the minds of every girl who visited, and become a well-‎cherished memory, which they hope to refresh soon.‎


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